You and Your at Week 7 of Pregnancy

Both you and your baby undergo so many changes at week 7 of pregnancy. The size of your baby is that of a tiny bean but has doubled its length from the previous week. The baby’s brain is in a phase of quick formation and development. Moreover the eyes lenses as well as the inner section of the baby’s ears are developing and growing.

Its legs and arms have also started to develop in the 7th week of pregnancy. The mouth as well as the tongue have just started to appear noticeable so is the baby’s facial structure. Overall, some of your baby’s major structures have just begun to appear during the seventh week of pregnancy.

Now let’s shift focus on your condition at this stage of pregnancy. The size of your belly has not changed much. Moreover, the early pregnancy symptoms you experienced the previous week continue to trouble you this week too. You may still be troubled by pregnancy nausea especially in the morning. Also, constipation is another issue that gives you discomfort.

Drink lot of water and take food high in fiber content to relief yourself. Another pregnancy problem which starts to appear around this time is migraine headache. You may also have leg cramps. One thing you should remember is that all these pregnancy problems are cause by shifts in the level of hormones production and will disappear over time when the hormonal levels become normal.

In other words, these problems are a natural part of the pregnancy process and you need not press the panic button. You can seek your physician’s help on ways to control, prevent, or bring relief from these problems.

It is also a good idea to go for a prenatal check up during week 7 of pregnancy. It is high time you make adjustments with diet and lifestyle to enjoy a low-risk pregnancy and childbirth. Taking up a well balanced diet and adopting a light exercise regime is recommended.

Your diet should contain all essential nutrient required for the healthy development of your baby. And when it comes to exercising, brisk walking is best suited for a pregnant woman so is swimming.