You and Your Baby at The 17th Week of Pregnancy

As you enter the 17th week of pregnancy, you will experience a new wave of excitement sweeping you off your feet. This is perhaps the most exciting week of pregnancy as you begin to feel the new life growing inside you for the first time. Probably you will feel flapping movements as the baby starts to move in the uterus.

These subtle movements cannot be noticed easily initially. But once, you have got a feel of it, you can recognize the movements and probably will place your hands over your stomach to feel it. If you were overweight before you become pregnant, it may take a while before you notice the fluttering movements. The slimmer you were, the sooner you may feel these exciting movements.

The baby now weighs about 5 ounces and measure 5 inches in length. Fats begin to deposit under the skin helping the baby maintain its normal body temperature. The ears are also fully formed by now and the eyes look to the side. As part your regular checkup, you can also get an ultrasonography done. The ultrasound will reveal a vague glimpse of your baby. The doctor will also let your listen to the heartbeat of the new life taking shape inside your womb.

The morning sickness you used to experience during the first trimester is gone now. Now you feel more comfortable going out and meeting friends. You also regain your sexual activeness. Having sexual intercourse during this period is considered safe. On the flip side, as your belly starts to expand, you may need to make adjustments with your fashion.

Those glamorous high heels are no longer comfortable and make way for flat ones. It is also high time when you start looking for maternity clothing. Remember, you can still be pregnant and remain glamorous. Learn to take pride in your pregnancy. Another physical change you begin to experience by week 17 of pregnancy is that your breasts are becoming larger. The colored areas around your nipples also become darker. The time has also come to switch to larger bra size.

You may also feel a carving for certain food. You feel like indulging in junk food, which is permissible once a while.