You and Your Baby at Week 11 of Pregnancy

As you reached the 11th week of pregnancy, you will notice subtle changes in your body. These changes will get more defined as your pregnancy progresses. By week 11 of pregnancy, you may start to feel a little tight around the waist which is indicative of your baby growing in your uterus. However, your belly is not large enough to indicate your pregnancy. You are yet to reach the stage when people know about your pregnancy from the size of your belly. Your breasts size also increases slightly.

Again the stage is yet to come where you gain weight quickly. Even if you have experienced some weight gain during the first trimester, it may be negated by constant throw ups as a result of morning sickness.

Morning sickness may continue to affect you during this period but it is not as severe as it used to be. The nausea will subside further you enter into the second trimester. As such, your condition may not be still ideal for boarding a flight. And if you have not experience morning sickness so far, it is likely to strike you now or in the coming days though few pregnant women do not experience it at all.

This is also the time when the levels of estrogen shoot up as a result of which you experience more than normal hair growth. The level of hair fall also decreases and you look beautiful with thick glowing hair. Unwanted hair growth during pregnancy is also normal. The positive impact of estrogen on hair growth is also manifested in other parts of the body. You can use a waxing cream or a shaving razor to get rid of these body hairs. Similarly, your nails also grow faster now.

Now, let’s shift focus to your baby. By now your baby weighs about half ounce and its length measures less than 3 inches. The toes and the fingers have separated and the head is larger than the body. It is not the ideal time to perform an ultrasonography for determining the baby gender as its sex organs are yet to be developed. This is also the best time to invest in books related to pregnancy and parenting.