Your 8th Week Of Pregnancy

By the eighth week you may find that your body has slowly settled down and you would have understood the different foods which are causing you nausea and vomiting. You may find ways to work around these foods and not aggravate the problem. Sometimes pregnancy can cause you to give up alcohol and smoking as well, as you may find that the smell of them cause you some irritation that causes the nausea.

Your baby is just about an inch log by now, and is a lot more developed. The facial features are all beginning to develop and you will begin to notice tiny nose and ears, and little eye dents forming. There are mothers who prefer to eat carrots during this time as the eyes of the baby are being developed. The baby has got most of his internal organs by now, though they may not be totally developed yet.

Besides the body looking more human, the face too has more features and characteristics which are resembling the human form. There may be some changes in your own body. ou may find your hair texture beginning to change. It may be much more difficult to manage, and it may get tangled even more. This is absolutely normal  and there is nothing to worry about. Changing your shampoo and oiling your hair more often could help you in keeping your hair healthy.

Sometimes, in this week a woman may experience some vaginal discharge. This is also nothing to worry about. However, if there is pain in the vagina or the feeling of discomfort or a foul odour in the discharge, you would need to consult your gynecologist as you would not want to contract any infections.

By now, your body has more or less gotten used to your pregnancy and the growing baby in your uterus. By the end of your eighth week, your second month would actually come to an end. This month is actually the most crucial in the formation of the baby. You do not need to take as much care as you were during the last four weeks.