Your Baby in Month Two

By the time your baby is in the second month, you will notice that he has already become larger and is a little easier to handle. His neck would have gotten steadier, and carrying him would not be so difficult. You will still need to support his neck as he will not be able to hold it completely by himself. By the second month, when you make your child lie on his stomach, you will notice that he will try to lift his head up slightly. He will totally be able to support his neck, the weight of his head by the second month. he will begin to smile when he sees you or hears your voice and he will begin to become more aware of the surroundings.

He will start to look around the room when he hears sounds and he will begin to notice people. He will distinctly be able to tell you apart from the others. He may begin to grunt and make sounds in order to communicate with you. By now, he will also be able to recognise his father’s voice.

You can add a lot more toys into his cot so that he can visually see them. You can begin to tickle his hands and feet and allow him to hold toys in his hand. Make sure the toys and soft and smooth. The child has the tendency to put everything in his mouth, so avoid soft toys.

Continue talking to your baby as much as you can, even while you are feeding. This will help him to learn to talk quicker and he will have better speech later in life. You can rotate your fingers in front of his eyes, and that will greatly excite him. By now, it should be alright to take your baby out for a short walk between his feeds as he has gotten stronger and more aware of his surroundings.

Encourage the father to take to the child as much as he can as well. Lots of skin contact should be there between father and child. This will help create a special bond between them.