Your Child at Fifteen Months

As your baby grows, he will learn to do various things. He can accomplish more, and be able to get about on his own. It is important to know what children can do at this age. It will be better for you to benchmarkthe growth of your child and see how it compares. It need not be the same, but just somewhere close. This will give you a chance to know if your child is developing normally.

By fifteen months, your toddler should be getting about on his own, and looking for ways and things to keep him busy. He does not needs toys and games all the time, but just new stimuli that give him a chance to explore.

He should be able to pick things up using his thumb and index finger, and will point. He will love building, although he may not be able to on his own. He will delight when things fall and tumble. He will love to throw and drop things. He will also have a great sense of curiosity and love to look out of windows in the house and car.

He should be able to respond to simple commands, like come when called. He should know his name and respnd when you call him. He should also look att he right person when you call them or address them. He should be able to imitate you and sounds that you make, and should know when you have said ‘no’ to him.

Although your baby may not be able to talk too well, he should be able to get his message across by pointing an using gestures and sounds very well. He will be able to look for things where they are usually kept, and marvels at new sounds that he hears.

Your child will also have a sense of humour. He knows what is funny and does it to entertain you and get rewarded with love and laughter. He will also be able to exhibit anxiety and fear, and will not like to be left in the company of people he does not know. He will start to show resentment for things he does not like and will show preferences for food as well. Your baby will love appreciation and look to you for it constantly. Be there for him.