Your Easy “Nine” Months

Pregnancy is one state that every woman wishes to reach. Although the ultimate pleasure that one gets is difficult to explain in words, handling the body in those nine months is a major task.

Believe us, pregnancy is not easy and you can’t understand the pain until you undergo it yourself. But, dear ladies, all of you who are experiencing the initial stages of motherhood, we bring to you some tips on how to make your nine months of pregnancy a safe and a pleasurable ride.

Follow these tips to keep all dangers and complexities at bay, ensuring you and your baby are safe towards the end.

Add plenty of minerals and vitamins to your daily diet. Even if you don’t increase on calorie intake, it is fine as long as you consume lot of folic acid, iron and vitamins. These keep your body prepared to sail through the nine months of pregnancy.

Don’t go by people who say a pregnant woman should eat for you. Take your own discretion on how much you want to eat throughout the day.

Remember, pregnancy is not about eating only the three meals at regular intervals. Never starve your body during pregnancy. Even if you feel hungry minutes after you had a full meal, grab a snack or a fruit to end your hunger.

Additionally, increase the amount of nutrients you take in a day. Make sure you eat well-balanced meals all three times – with a combination of right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins.

Water is equally important too. Drink as much water as possible. You may get a tendency to urinate very frequently, but don’t worry. This is perfectly normal during pregnancy.

As much as possible, stay away from raw eggs, under-cooked meat or chicken, non-pasteurized milk, and raw vegetables. These may contain bacteria that can harm you.

If you need, restrict your need of tea or coffee to maximum two cups in one day. These beverages contain nicotine and caffeine that can lead to complexities and your baby being born underweight. Take fruit juice instead that will ensure you have a healthy baby.

So, take your step towards pleasurable and happy pregnancy.


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