Your Pregnancy After A Failed One

All pregnancies may not result in the birth of a baby. Sometimes people go in for an abortion. There can also be a miscarriage or still birth. All these problems cause a lot of pain and emotional disturbance in your life. The thought of planning for a fresh pregnancy can take a lot of time and this is absolutely normal. Even if you do get pregnant for the second time, all the old fears come back and you get a whole load of negative feelings about your pregnancy.

Every part of your pregnancy will make you compare it with your previous one. There will always be the fear that you may once again have a still birth or a miscarriage. The level of anxiety for the second time can be quite high. A mother trying for the second time in these circumstances tends to feel very guilty about what happened before, and may fear that it will happen again.

It would be better to visit your gynaecologist more often so that she can give you support, confidence and reassurance that all is progressing well, and that here is more of a chance of having a successful pregnancy.

Get a lot of support from your spouse, family and friends. talk to people who have been in similar situations and now have normal children even though they had problem earlier. try and occupy yourself with work and do a lot of meditation and relaxation techniques so that you think less about the past and prepare well for the future.

There are people who have had problems during the first five to six pregnancies, and have still gone on to give birth to as many as two or three children who are absolutely normal and healthy. Think of things that you may have done wrong and be extra careful in taking care of yourself. make sure that you eat and sleep well in the preparation for your next child. It is good to understand that losing our first child was not something in your hands, it was just a part of life and now you have a second chance.