Your Pregnancy Diet

As everybody says, when you are pregnant you ought to eat for two—yourself and your baby. So, what all should your prefect pregnancy diet comprise? Do you actually need to eat twice than what your appetite actually requires?

All such questions are bound to erupt in your would-be-mother mind. Here’s a guide that will provide answers to all your queries related to eating you’re your nine months of pregnancy.

First trimester

In this period, you must eat a lot of proteins, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and grains. You generally feel nauseated during this period. So, eating small meals at frequent intervals and grabbing snacks in between helps you remain full at all times.

Bring a variety to your food so that you are always on with appetite. Go your foods that are rich in calories.

Second trimester

This period is marked by an increase in appetite, so increase your intake of minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. These three nutrients are needed the most in this period as your baby’s organs grown now.

Take a lot of dairy products that will keep your breast ready for soon feeding your child. Lessen on your intake of junk food and sweets. These will deteriorate your health and feel you stuffed without eating any healthy food.

Third trimester

This is the period you should not compromise on a well-balanced diet.

Your diet must contain everything, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, proteins and water.Increase on your intake of water and fruit juices. But make sure the juices you take are fresh and squeezed just when you want them. Lot of fluid intake will reduce any risk of constipation and swelling that might cause problems during delivery.

Stay away from heavy fruits and food items like dry fruits, grapes, pineapple, papaya, guava as these are difficult to be digested by the body.

Add some wheat husk to your flour while cooking bread. This will provide extra roughage to your body during delivery.Try taking one boiled vegetable with every meal.

Reduce your intake of spices as they are bound to cause irritation of the organs and bring ill health to your baby.


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