Your Pregnancy, First “Three” Months

Pregnancy is the most divine gift of God to the woman. Right? No matter whether you’re carrying first child or second, the feeling and happiness remain unmatched ever.

To set those nine months of your pregnancy save and pleasurable, it is important that you start taking care of yourself right from the first day.

Your diet, health, sleep, exercises, etc. everything plays a vital role in ensuring your pregnancy is safe and your baby is healthy. However, all these factors behave differently in different phases of your pregnancy.

Here, we will guide you through your first ”three” months of pregnancy.

Diet: Calcium is the most important mineral during pregnancy, especially when it’s your first three months. Take care to consume as much calcium as possible to ensure your child has healthy bone structure. Consume food items such as pasteurized dairy items like milk, yogurt, cheese, cream, etc. Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water to ensure smooth bowel moment. Remember, constipation is dangerous.

Body: Carrying a child means increasing some pounds of your body weight. This will result in you feeling lethargic and getting tired very soon. Don’t over-work and take ample rest, going for small naps during the day and going slow on movement. This way you’ll start gaining energy and will be fit to get used to your pregnancy by the end of the third month. Start wearing loosely fit clothes that don’t sling to your body. Do not skip any meeting with your gynecologist and follow the diet regime provided by him/her. Don’t worry if you feel like urinating more frequently. This is perfectly normal in the first trimester and in the last month.

Mood and Feelings: Don’t hide your motherly feelings and talk to your spouse about your experience. Take his help even for very small activities and don’t feel bad. During pregnancy, mood swings are very common. You can indulge in sexual activities but it is best to check with your doctor first. You will certainly gain weight and get disordered with your figure. But don’t feel bad about this. After all, the end result is all worth it. Right?

Now, take care of your pregnancy following this guide through the first three months.


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